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vivianwyu_82, 2015-08-10T01:12:21
What are visa types to enter People`s Republic of China? For each visa type, what is its rules and restrictions?

Massachusetts Law about Surrogate Parenting
vivianwyu_82, 2017-01-10T16:01:45
What is the Massachusetts law about surrogate parenting?

vivianwyu_82, 2015-10-15T11:56:04
How to transfer photos between a Windows PC (or laptop) and an iPhone completely free?

yy335, 2017-10-11T14:58:16
Can you share an example of a self-drive tour to Utah Big 5 by approximately one week? How to get there? Basic schedule?

Cerebral cortex right lateral view
vivianwyu_82, 2016-01-16T13:08:50
Demonstrate the four lobes of the cerebral cortex and describe the boundaries of each, by sketching the major features of each cerebral lobe, identifying major gyri and sulci that characterize each lobe.

BostonDoo, 2015-08-16T13:58:24
Can you tell me exact steps to install Tenvis IPROBOT3 camera in home such that it has the following capabilities at the same time: ∙ View and control the camera from a Windows computer (like laptop) anywhere in the world; ∙ View and control the camera from a Android mobile device anywhere in the world; ∙ Multiple viewers of the above can view and control the camera at the same time. ∙ There is no dependency on third-party server which may not reliable or trustful.

yy335, 2020-10-04T19:04:17
Can you describe briefly summarize the relation between locations on the earth, seasons and weather temporatures?

International parents seeking gestational sur...
vivianwyu_82, 2017-01-10T16:06:26
As international intended-parents seeking surrogate parenthood, we are looking for information about Boston (MA) surrogacy agencies.

How gestational surrogacy is done in ...
vivianwyu_82, 2017-01-10T16:04:51
Could someone provide step-by-step information about how to get help from surrogacy agency in the state of Massachusetts?

Process and cost of Gestational Surrogacy
vivianwyu_82, 2017-01-10T16:03:07
Could you provide some information about how to get help from gestational surrogacy agency in the State of Massachusetts: service, cost, etc.?

What are the different types of surro...
vivianwyu_82, 2017-01-10T16:01:06
What is Surrogate Parenting? What are the different types of surrogacy and what are they called?

What is Pre-Birth Order
vivianwyu_82, 2017-01-10T16:00:26
What is a “Pre-birth order”, and how does it function in process of “serrogate parenting”?

BostonDoo, 2016-12-26T01:22:47
Some text or pictures of WeChat content on my phone are too small to view. I know if I could turn my phone to horizontal view, it would be much better. But when I turn my phone to horizontal (i.e. landscape) view, WeChat on my phone still stay vertical (i.e. portrait) view, why?

BostonDoo, 2016-12-22T10:26:13
Chat in WeChat is a platform where many people exchange information. Although in most of cases, the content of Chat has no value to keep for a long time, some content might be critical someday in future. Therefore, I want to keep (i.e. save) Chat content (other than those garbage I delete right away) in a long-term and be able to search its content in a convenient way when needed. Currently I have not found a way to do so, which satisfies the following requirements: 1)The Chat content must be saved on my personal computer's hard disk or my own mobile hard disk, instead of on a phone or…

Work-energy theorem, conservation of mechanic...
vivianwyu_82, 2016-02-06T02:06:23
Can you explain the concepts of “Kinetic Energy”, “the Work Energy Theorem” and “Conservation of Mechanical Energy”, and what are the differences and relationship between them?

vivianwyu_82, 2016-02-06T02:05:29
An iron block of m=2kg was put on a car of {m{}}=1kg. Suppose friction coefficient between the car and the iron block is μ=0.5. The car and the iron block start to travel at a same velocity of {v{_sub_...0..._sub_}}=6M/s on a smooth horizontal surface towards the right, until the car collided into a wall. The collision time is so short that the speed of the car after the collision and before the collision is considered equal, and the body of the car is long enough such that the iron block stayed on top of the car without colliding onto the wall. Find: (1) the maximum displacement …

Find force required to move object on...
vivianwyu_82, 2016-02-06T02:03:36
An object of mass m rests on a horizontal surface. The coefficient of kinetic friction is μ. Find the formula to calculate the minimum horizontal force F that must be applied to keep the object moving at a constant velocity once it started.

Friction between two objects and work ...
vivianwyu_82, 2016-02-04T16:10:34
What is static friction? What is kinetic friction? What is the difference between the work done by friction and work done against friction? Off the work done by kinetic friction, how much is converted to internal energy and how much is converted to kinetic energy?

BostonDoo, 2016-01-02T01:35:39
How to draw an half-circle in TuQuick?